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Victor Imbimbo

About Victor Imbimbo

Victor Imbimbo is owner and CEO of Caring Today, LLC, the publisher of Caring Today Magazine and, a leading information and support resource for the family caregiver community.

After receiving two degrees from Purdue University, his Bachelor of Science degree in 1975 and his Master’s degree in business in 1976, Victor began his career at the General Mills Corporation, working in brand management.

In 1978, he joined Miller Brewing Company’s marketing department. During his seven-year tenure, he rose through the ranks and directed all new product initiatives, including the introduction of the “cold-filtered” beer segment that generated nearly $1 billion in revenue.

After leaving Miller Brewing Company in 1985, Victor began his career as an entrepreneur by founding The Hadley Group, a marketing communications company specializing in “response” and “transactional” marketing. Hadley clients included Anheuser Busch, Borden Foods, Burger King, Coca-Cola, Gallo Winery, Hershey Foods, KFC, MasterCard, Miller Brewing Company, Nike, NYNEX/(Verizon), NutraSweet, Schering Plough, Schick, Warner Lambert, and Wyeth Labs. In 1991, Hadley received the industry’s highest honor when it was named Agency of the Year by Advertising Age Magazine.

In 1994 Victor sold Hadley to Havas Worldwide and in 1997 went on to established Bedrock Inc., a consulting firm specializing in business-to-business digital communications solutions. Bedrock developed the first web-based sales-force assistance system in the U. S. for a division of AOL and created HealthExchange, an online product, funded with venture capital, which allowed pharmaceutical companies to facilitate their client trial patient recruitment needs by targeting, educating, screening, and enlisting prospective participants online.

From there, Victor moved on to TBWA Worldwide, a unit of Omnicom Group, the world's largest advertising and marketing holding company. While at the company, he became Executive Vice President for TBWA/Chiat Day and President for North America of TBWA/World Health, directing consumer marketing communications programs for healthcare companies, primarily within the pharmaceutical industry, but also developing his own expertise in cardiovascular, diabetes-related, and central nervous system health conditions.

The combination of Victor’s educational background, extensive work and study of human behavior, and curiosity about building effective heath care marketing and communications programs became the foundation for his interest in and devotion to supporting the health and well-being of family caregivers—a community that is nearly 45,000,000 strong, with a range of ongoing day-to-day needs.

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