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Count Your Lucky Stars

I have been receiving emails and calls from family caregivers asking about all the recent stories they are seeing about happiness. To summarize their comments, there is a feeling that if attaining happiness, even intermittently, sounds so damn easy, then why are they having so much trouble being happy? Fair question, especially if you consider what [...]

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Taking Charge of You

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." When I first read this quote, I wrote it off as no more than a nice message that belonged in a Hallmark card. But when I came across it again a week or so later, I started to think [...]

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Better Expectations

Expectancy is a funny thing. It seems the more you focus on a specific outcome, the more attainable that outcome becomes. And nowhere is this mentality more important than it is with regards to improving the quality of life of family caregivers. I once took a high-performance driving course (don't ask me why). The instructor [...]

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Your Excuse or Your Story

During the recent NBA Draft, I heard a story that caught my attention and I wanted to share it with you. Today, a lot of what we hear about professional basketball players focuses on their larger-than-life egos and their even larger paychecks. Amidst all this media hoopla, it's easy to forget about the little kid [...]

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Timeout or Burnout

For many family caregivers, the word burnout has negative connotations... but for all the wrong reasons! When I speak with family caregivers, especially in support groups, they often equate burnout with failure. Never mind the ramifications that burning out can have on a caregiver's health and well-being; it's often interpreted as a sign of weakness, [...]

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Am I a Health Advocate?

You are! And as a family caregiver it might just be your most important role. This past December, I was speaking to a large group of family caregivers when I asked them if they knew any heath advocates. Initially there was confusion over what an advocate was and then, later, caregivers expressed serious trepidation about [...]

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The Myth of the Caregiver Superhero

When I was a little kid, I thought my dad was Superman. He built homes for a living, so I always saw him in a very physical role, in control of situations, and able to handle whatever came his way. He was, without a doubt, the protector of our family. It wasn't until I became [...]

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Is Multitasking Actually a Myth?

When you're a family caregiver, your list of to-dos probably feels endless: doctor appointments, meting out medications, prepping meals, shopping, scheduling home visits, not to mention caring for your own family, working, and, oh, trying to carve out a few minutes of peace and quiet... and that's just Monday. In order to tackle the exhaustive [...]

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Get Up and Go for Brain Fitness

Last week, I was having dinner with several buddies. As usual when we get together, we had a great time catching up. We talked about everything you'd expect from a bunch of middle-age guys: jobs, golf games and lament for our struggling New York Yankees. Put aside your cheers for a second, though. Another topic [...]

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Assisted Living or Assisted Existing? Help Make the Difference!

A few months ago, I received an email from an elderly woman who told me I was sitting in an ivory tower and the advice I had given her about an assisted-living facility wasn't a help. I just didn't have a clue. My response was, "Mom give me a break!" I spend a lot of [...]

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