Out of the mouth of babes the saying goes, and I have never seen a more profound example of this than through a recent segment on CBS’s Sunday Morning show featuring an incredible 6-year-old boy named Jayden Hayes.

Jayden lost his father when he was only four, and at six, his mom passed away in her sleep. Losing parents is a tragedy for anyone, but for a young child, it’s devastating. Now under the care of his aunt and legal guardian, Barbara DiCola, Jayden openly and poignantly talks about the impact losing his parents had on him.

What makes Jayden so special is what he chose to do to help himself feel better….he decided to reach out and help others feel happier. You see, during his own experience of sadness, he noticed that so many other people also looked like they were very sad. He told his Aunt Barbara “he was sick and tired of seeing people so unhappy all the time and he had a plan to fix it.” His goal was simple: he wanted to put a smile on people’s faces.

Thinking about what made him happy, Jayden asked for his Aunt Barbara’s help and together they bought a slew of small, bright colored toys – rubber duckies, plastic dinosaurs and the like. You know the kind of treats 6-year-olds love playing with. Then, taking to the streets of Savannah, Georgia, Jayden and Aunt Barbara approached people who looked like they could use some cheering up. He’d hand out one of his little treasures, just hoping to get a happy smile.

Well, you can imagine the response these lucky people had when out of nowhere this little guy did something so nice for them…smiles, hugs and tears of joy.

Somehow, at the tender age of 6, this wise soul has the instinct to understand how much he can help people by simply sharing. And, to date, Jayden has lifted the spirits of over 500 people, putting huge smiles on their faces. “It’s like sheer joy comes out of this child,” says Aunt Barbara, “and the more people he made smile, the more this light shined. This has done wonders for him.”

Psychologists agree that helping others when working your way through an unsettling life event is a wonderful way to lift your spirits. It gives you a greater sense of purpose and offers relief from focusing solely on your situation. I have experienced this in my own life and observe it over and over again working with family caregivers who achieve a good, strong quality-of-life regardless of the daily burdens they carry.

It’s hard not to love Jayden and appreciate the valuable life lesson this 6-year-old so easily teaches us: the more you help people experience happiness, the happier you are!

Please click this link and listen to Jayden’s own words. I guarantee it will brighten your day….and who knows, you may find a toy store right around the corner. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MakesS18yk0

Jayden is living proof that big gifts often come in small packages!

Help yourself by helping others and ☺